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50 Cent Vs. Eminem
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Режисёр: Робин Блок
В ролях: 50 CentЭминем
Описание: The hottest ticket in Hip Hop today also comes with the most colourful past and 50 Cent: Who Dares Wins uncovers the truth about this former drug pusher and all round bad guy. Proving that, while most of those professing to be Gangsta Rappers wouldn't know one end of an Eightball from the other, 50' walked the walk and talked the talk. Taking the cameras back to the 'hood and meeting those who ran with 50' during the years of his previous career, this fascinating documentary also comes right up-to-date with contributions from those who helped him achieve the massive musical success he has today. The Complete And Unauthorised Biography Of 50 Cent. Includes Exclusive Interviews And Rare Footage. ' "Insider" Revelations On 50's Success. DVD Special Features Include Extensive 50 Cent Discography And Digital Trivia Quiz.
Год выпуска: 2005