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Tony Palmer: All You Need Is Love. Vol. 13 - Mighty Good / The Beatles
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Режисёр: Тони Палмер
В ролях: "The Beatles", Пол Маккартни, Ринго Старр
Описание: "A mighty achievement. Thank you." John Lennon "Tony Palmer's "All You Need Is Love" was hailed in Us day and looks even better now, thanks to Palmer's blend of stock footage, electrifying performances and thoughtful narration." Noel Murray La Times "This rigorous and compelling documentary series is a one-stop shop for wisdom about the birth and development of pop" Mojo Magazine "They were very scruffy" recounts Allan Williams, the Beatles' first manager, as he describes the Beatles' early escapades in Hamburg and Liverpool. Soon Brian Epstein appeared on the scene, although he didn't like the sound the Beatles made. Nor did any record producer, and even George Martin now admits that he never believed they would make worldwide hit song writers. There was a cost, of course, which eventually had to paid for this extraordinary euphoria. But, at the time, no-one seemed to care. All the Beatles are...
Год выпуска: 2009


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